4 Asian Gambling Locations To Go To

Asia is a beautiful place. It is known for its diverse culture, excellent cuisine, and rich history, but it has also gained fame as a hotspot for gambling enthusiasts. World-class casino resorts and online casinos have also evolved gambling laws. Thus, Asia offers an experience for casual and veteran gamblers who want to experience the thrill and the overall great package.

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Macau has been dubbed the Asian Las Vegas due to its promise as a gambling spot. Its history of gambling can be traced as far back as 1847. The place has become a gambling hotspot with wonderful and grand casino resorts like Venetian Macao and Grand Lisboa. Much of the gambling flourish in Macau was affected by China’s VIP gamers and government policies. Big spenders who flew from mainland China are among the most prominent patrons of Macau casinos. They use the junket model, which uses intermediaries that facilitate gambling services for affluent Chinese patrons.

Every year, the sparkle of Macau and its casino resorts lure millions of visitors with its extensive gambling games ranging from the usual table games and slot machines. In particular, The Cotai Strip speaks a lot about Macau’s commitment to providing its visitors with world-class entertainment.

However, Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign has affected Macau’s gambling revenue. As a result, casino profligates declined, but Macau’s government and casino operators have since moved on by adapting and continuing to innovate.


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Unlike Macau and the Philippines, Singapore seems to be an improbable gambling holiday location. Singapore boasts two (2) casinos, but it makes up for the lack of quantity with the amount of quality that it can provide to gambling enthusiasts. Singapore has outstanding services, such as Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa.

There is also Resorts World Sentosa Casino, which can be found on Sentosa Island just south of Singapore’s coast. You can find some of the hottest but most exclusive slots there; this was made possible by Resorts World Sentosa Casino’s partnership with IGT. As a result, slot fans love this spot.


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The archipelago of the Philippines is vast and diverse. However, the gambling experience is also something you will enjoy in the Philippines, with over 65 casino resorts across 32 cities. Although Filipino casinos’ patrons come worldwide, most of their market comes from mainland China. One popular game locals play is tongits.


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Cambodia’s new developments in the gambling scene are up and coming, with some industry leaders of the opinion that it can help pave the way for the recovery of land-based gaming in the Asia Pacific region after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 1999, Golden Crown opened in Poipet. It has grown and now claims various casino resorts, especially on the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. Some of the sizes of the casinos in Cambodia can even give Vegas and Macau institutions a run for their money!

Wrapping Up

Asia’s top casinos bring the luxury experience with entertainment and opulent accommodations. Another common factor is that gambling policies vary but continue to evolve per country in Asia. Macau has long since cemented its hold on the Asian side of the gambling industry; this continues today.