When to Get a Paternity Test: Common Situations That Call for DNA Testing

The paternity test is a standard test done to check the legitimacy of a father of a child. It is done for various reasons, mostly legal or even to satisfy one’s curiosity. It checks the biological relationship between a father and his son. There are various use cases when this is used, and various organizations provide the service of a paternity test.

These tests are mostly done in scenarios where it is legally required to determine the biological relationship of a father to his son, to settle disputes of custody cases, or even for one’s curiosity to check if they are the legal father of a child. Let’s briefly learn what a paternity test is and under what circumstances one should opt for a paternity test.

What Is A Paternity Test?

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A paternity test is a DNA test used to determine the biological relationship between a father and a son for legal or personal purposes. It is mainly used for legal purposes for child custody, to find out who the father is for some or other reason. It is a DNA test most commonly used on legal grounds when it is necessary to determine if the person is the birth father of a kid.

It is also used to check for health concerns, whether a person will carry his father’s genetic medical conditions in his life ahead or not. It is one of the most common uses of the test so that one can be sure of the medical conditions they will face.

Common Situations That Call For DNA Testing

Some common situations demand DNA testing, such as Paternity tests. These are as follows:

1. Child Custody Cases And Support Cases

The most common situation for doing a paternity test is to determine the biological father of a kid so that the decision of child custody can be made properly. In these cases, courts have to decide if the father has to be given custody rights and if the father has to pay the money to the mother of the kid. It is a very important decision, and as these tests are 99% accurate, they are used in the law to prove paternity.

In support cases also, it is necessary to get the paternity test done to prove in court whether the concerned party is the father of the kid. All these tests can be used as lawful evidence in the cases; hence, these tests are mostly done.

2. Adoption Cases

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Adoption is now a widely used practice in the modern world. Most couples with problems having kids opt for adoption, but to do so legally, one must undergo a certain process. It is essential to determine whether the child’s biological father is still alive or if he is willing to relinquish his parental rights. A paternity test can help to clarify these issues and make the adoption process smoother.

One cannot directly adopt a kid without proper investigation, which is why a paternity test is important in this situation. Once it is confirmed that the biological father is dead or has no issues in relinquishing their parental rights, the adoption process becomes easier. That is the reason it is important to do a DNA test.

3. Inheritance Disputes

It is one of the most complicated use cases of the paternity test. In most cases, if the father has not written a will, or even if he has, the court has to determine if the son claiming the inheritance has the legal right to do so. For this, the court uses a paternity test to check whether the son is the rightful heir for the inheritance.

To solve any confusion about paternity, the tests are done so that assets can be distributed properly and in the suitable manner. The test solves all these disputes as, according to the law, the born child is the rightful heir of the property, and everyone has to accept that. Once the tests are done, and the verdict is out, it is easy for families to settle the matter in court.

4. Medical Reasons

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Most of the people try to do paternity tests for medical reasons. If the father is suffering from a genetic disorder, it is important to know if the kid will also go through the same kind of disorder. Similarly, it is done to check if the kid has a disorder or a medical condition, then who the biological father is.

It is mostly used in hospitals to check for the health of the individuals and is advised to do so to check for any genetic disorders that might carry on to the children. Similarly, one should check for the test to know if the father has a genetic disorder or do some external factors cause it.

5. Personal Curiosity

Rarely used, but still, the paternity test is used to check for the paternity of a child to quench one’s curiosity. Sometimes people doubt the paternity of a child because their partners might have multiple sexual partners, which can cause confusion.

The paternity test helps one to determine the biological father of the kid and clear that confusion for once and for all.


Paternity tests are done for various causes in various situations. A paternity test is a DNA test used to check if the concerned person is the biological father of the kid or not. The various situations in which this test can help are mostly child custody cases, adoption cases, inheritance disputes, medical reasons, and even personal choice.

All these situations are permissible use cases for the test, and sometimes it helps in providing the proper justice in the case. A paternity test allows the right candidate to get custody of a child, and it is crucial to understand the importance of the test in such cases. Such tests have not only made people reunite with their family but also helped the right people to inherit their rightful inheritance and is continuing to do so in most of the cases.