Verify The Eligibility Of Your Family Members For Pre-settled Status Or Settled Status

If you happen to be a citizen of the EU, EEA or Switzerland living in the UK your relatives can choose to seek pre settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme. Yet specific requirements need to be fulfilled:

  1. You must already possess pre-settled or settled status.
  2. Your connection, with a family member should have started before December 31 2020 unless you hold citizenship.
  3. If your family member is a child born after December 31 2020 you can still seek permission for them to reside in the UK.

If you arrived in the UK on a visa post December 31 2020 you cannot utilize the EU Settlement Scheme to bring your family members. Make sure to verify if your visa allows for family reunification.


The term “EEA” includes countries within the EU well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Additionally if your partner has been living in the UK since December 31 2020 they can still apply if they hold a visa, such as a family visa, work visa or student visa. However in this scenario they would need to submit an application to the EU Settlement Scheme. It is crucial for your partner to assess their eligibility for settled or settled status and select the appropriate category, for their application.

Given the nature of immigration regulations it is vital to be thoroughly prepared and organized during the application procedure. Your partner should ensure that they possess all the required documents, including evidence of your long term relationship and their authorization to stay in the UK. This documentation might consist of a residence card or a family permit—both serving as proof of their right to live in the country.

It’s worth mentioning that defining a ‘long term partner’ goes beyond status by acknowledging committed relationships. This recognition allows for couples who’re not married but have established a life together and formed a lasting bond to be considered under this category.

During the application process your partner might encounter difficulties especially if they do not possess a residence card, family permit or visa. In situations it is important to provide alternative documentation like joint bank statements, utility bills, mortgage statements or other official letters that prove shared residency.

Apart from these cases it is crucial to note that if you resided with your family members in the EU, EEA or Switzerland when the UK was part of the EU they may have missed the deadline to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme. However if they currently hold settled status they can request an extension to this status or apply for settled status after living in the UK for five years.


For individuals with family members who are not British citizens eligibility to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme depends on specific conditions. These close relatives include spouses, civil partners or long term partners, dependent parents or grandparents, children or grandchildren under 21 years dependent children, over 21.

Close family members can only apply to the EU Settlement Scheme if either the British or Irish citizen obtained citizenship after arriving in the UK through the process of ‘naturalising,’ or if the family member was born in Northern Ireland.

It’s crucial to recognize that family members who were living with you in the EU, EEA, or Switzerland while the UK was an EU member may no longer apply late to the EU Settlement Scheme. However, individuals with pre-settled status have the option to extend this status or apply for settled status upon completing five years of continuous residence in the UK.

In instances where family members are eager to join you in the UK, they must initiate the application process through the EU Settlement Scheme or explore the possibility of obtaining Irish citizenship, depending on their eligibility. It’s imperative to thoroughly review the specific circumstances and eligibility criteria for each family member before embarking on the application journey to secure their status in the UK.

Before your family members come to the UK, you should check their eligibility and whether they should apply to the EU Settlement Scheme or for Irish citizenship.


The eligibility and application process vary for different family members, such as children, parents, and grandparents. Proving relationships and dependence is essential, and certain family members may need to consider alternative visas if they don’t qualify for the EU Settlement Scheme. The text provides detailed information on how to prove relationships and dependencies and the application process for each family member category.