Handling Upswings In Poker: What You Must Know

There is no denying that an upswing can be a very great experience. After all, it is always interesting to enjoy a run of positive results while winning money rapidly. Your bankroll grows as a result. However, the euphoria that follows may trigger costly mistakes. For this reason, it is important to understand how relevant your thought processes are in an upswing.

When you play poker often enough, then you should have played numerous hands to understand how it feels when you feel like lady luck is smiling upon you. The Poker Gods are all working perfectly for your good. You find yourself hitting every flop, as well as coming out on top of each coin flip. Then, as the magical card that is required to fill another draw appears on the River, you find nothing special about it.

That is, you are confident of winning every session. This is similar to how you can be guaranteed of winning when you place a bet on Nadal in a Roland Garros match. Much has been said and written about downswings. Now, it is time to understand how bad upswings can be as well for your gameplay and how to handle it. This guide will talk more about this.

Don’t stop looking for your weak points as you attempt to improve your game

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Regardless of how well you are doing at the moment, the importance of improving your game constantly cannot be stressed enough. As a result, it is imperative to figure out mistakes in your gameplay. You can even read books, articles, or any other guide that can be helpful. It is easy to lose focus when you are on a winning streak. You might even start feeling invincible.

Stick to your bankroll management

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Players must know that upswings are events of the past. Simply put, the outcome of future events has no dependence on the outcomes of present events. For this reason, players mustn’t lose their bankroll. This can be achieved by adhering strictly to various rules in bankroll management guides.

You will find many platforms on the internet, including casino.netbet, that will provide you with tips that can help you manage your bankroll better.

An upswing should be treated as a bonus

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Poker is a game that largely involves probabilities. As a result, players are consistently required to make the right decisions. Players that do so are more likely to experience the expected value with time. Once external variables are included and tackled, players have a good chance of emerging as winners in the long run.

While this sounds simple, it might prove rather difficult to achieve in practice. Besides this, taking such a route might prove tricky. In addition, no matter how high the level of your poker game is, you are never immune to poor fortune. This implies that you might play “the perfect poker” but still end up on the losing side of a game.

In contrast, it is also possible for someone to play poker so badly but still end up enjoying good luck. After all, poker is a game that combines good skills with luck. However, your level of skills is what you can control. When you treat an upswing as a bonus, you understand that it will end. Yet, just like a bonus, ensure that you make the most of the chances that an upswing provides for you.


The rate at which your bankroll, as well as your playing abilities, develop is a function of your talent, your mental strength, fortune, and the amount of time spent playing poker. The third factor mentioned is essential. While most players consider poker a game of skills – this neglecting fortune – your chances of winning rise when lady luck smiles on you. However, play poker often and improve your skills. You will progress!