Nelly Baumann Biography – Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Wiki

Nelly Baumann is known to be among the top make-up artists. She is one of the most versatile personalities who is gaining fame by leaps and bounds for her flawless work in different departments. She has remarkably worked in the industries of astrology, modeling, and cosmetics. She is also quite a famous businesswoman in the entertainment industry.

Nelly Bauman gained her further limelight on social media after getting married to Manfred Bauman. He is a famous photographer, a name well-known among the fans. Nelly is quite a sensation among fans and the entertainment industry. Let us find out further about this beautiful personality in this article by giving insights into her life.

Nelly Baumann Biography

Date of Birth and Age

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Nelly was born on August 22nd in Vienna, Austria. The celebrity has not shared the details of her birth year with any social media platforms to this day. Given how well-maintained she has kept herself throughout the years, it is hard to guess her age. So, throwing a wild guess by looking at her photos which are all over the internet, we can say that she can be in her mid-thirties or early forties. Our sources are trying to find the exact year of her birth.

Nationality and Ethnicity

As she was born to Austrian parents in Austria, Nelly holds the nationality of Austria. Given her white skin tone and region of birth, she is of the Caucasian race. Nelly Baumann follows the religion of Christianity. If we look at Nelly’s date of birth, it indicates that her zodiac sign is Leo which lies from 23rd July to the 22nd of August.

Height and Weight

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The beautiful celebrity is gifted with tall height genetics. Nelly has an alluring height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Since she is quite a stunning beauty to look at, she keeps her figure maintained always. Nelly Baumann has a body weight of 60 kilograms. To keep herself sensational, she keeps her diet and exercises routine strict.


Nelly, as I mentioned before, has a versatile personality. She is famous as a model, astrologer, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. She got her high school education from “Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium Wien 15”. She wanted to pursue a modeling career so she enrolled in “Modeling School Vienna”. After this, Nelly joined an agency called “Rudi Czech Model Management” in Prague to further pursue her career.

Nelly Baumann Family

The famous celebrity likes to keep her personal life private but she does come from a well-educated family. There is no information available about Nelly Baumann’s mother and father. In the same way, she has not shared any information about her siblings except that she has two siblings called Thomas and Nicole.

All that we know is that Nelly is the wife of the famous photographer Manfred Baumann. There is no additional information about her parents, siblings, or her childhood days. Our sources are looking into further information about her and as soon as there is any update we will let you know.

Marital Status

Nelly Baumann Husband

Nelly met the love of her life in a Fashion Show held in Vienna in 2007. Nelly and Manfred Baumann dated each other for three years and finally decided to get married in 2010. They both lead a very happy life together and expanded their family. Both Nelly and her husband welcomed their son Felix in 2012 and their daughter Stella in 2015.

If we talk about Nelly’s husband, Manfred Baumann, he himself is a well-known photographer in the fashion world. Manfred has worked with many notable brands and celebrities in his career. This Austrian photographer has worked with Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. He has also photographed some top-known celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Sylvester Stallone, Sir Roger Moore, etc.

Nelly Baumann Career

As I mentioned above, Nelly Baumann is a well-known Austrian model in the Fashion Industry. Other than being a fashion icon, she is also a great makeup artist, astrologer, and entrepreneur. Nelly started her career at a very youthful age. Her parents were always supportive of her dreams. In 2009, this stunning beauty succeeded the title of Miss Austria. After that, she became widely known for her elegant modeling postures and earned quite a name in the fashion industry.

Being an aspirant person, Nelly pursued professional makeup skills and became a very sought cosmetic artist in the industry. She did the makeup for many Hollywood actresses. She helped them with her remarkable skills and embellished their beauty further. Along with all this, she did not stop there, Nelly also became a certified astrologer. She got her Holistic astrology degree in 2010.

What more she can not be, the list does not stop at just astrology. Nelly is also a model who is a writer. She is employed as Jane Goodall’s Honorary Ambassador. Nelly publishes her notes of astrology for a German publication called “Beautiful Life”.

Social Media


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Since Nelly is such a sensational celebrity, like all other big figures, she has her own official social media platforms. Nelly has an Instagram page with the username of @nellybaumann with a fan following of 16.7k. Following this account, she is also on Facebook with the username of Nelly Baumann.

There is no detail about her owning a TikTok account or not. Nelly enjoys posting lovely photos of herself, landscapes, nature, and animals on her accounts. She is quite an active user of Instagram and you would be able to see enthralling photos of her and other stuff captured by her husband Manfred.

Nelly Baumann Net Worth

Nelly has not ever disclosed much about her life but her net worth is quite good. The earning sources of Nelly Baumann are her business and modeling career. She does not disclose her wealth and earnings to social media. But the information gathered by our sources states that she has a net worth of 800K USD. She also is said to have side businesses that pay well for her luxurious lifestyle.


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How old is Nelly Baumann?

Nelly has never disclosed her age on social media but she is assumed to be in her mid-thirties to early forties.

What earned Nelly her fame?

Nelly herself has been quite an enthusiastic person, from model to an entrepreneur. She earned more fame after getting married to the famous photographer Manfred Baumann.

Does Nelly Baumann have a Wikipedia page under her name?

No, she does not have any designated Wikipedia page under her name till now.


Nelly Baumann has quite an enthusiastic personality. Her life and career show that she is a very aspirant woman, who is always out to make her mark in the Fashion industry. She is an avid animal lover and has quite a love for plants and nature also. There is still much left to know about her. Till we find more information on her, enjoy the article about her and her life journey.


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