Sarai Burgos Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Find out about Sarai Burgos, the youngest child of Bernice Burgos, biography, age, height, net worth, wiki, etc.

Knowing about the entertainment industry is something all fans are interested in. The personal lives of celebrities are the favorite topics of us all. No celebrity or their child can escape from the eyes of the media as they and many people want the amazement of this hidden life. Just like this Sarai Burgos is not an unfamiliar name in either the entertainment industry or among the fans.

She, the child of famous model Bernice Burgos, has become a prominent talk among modeling fans. This young girl keeps herself away from all the media attention and can be rarely seen on social media. Let’s dig into the information we know about her to quench the thirst of curiosity roaming around Sarai Burgos.

Sarai Burgos Biography

Date of Birth and Age

Sarai Burgos, daughter of Bernice Burgos was born in 2006 in the United States. She is a 16 years old teenager. The date of birth and the city of birth of this celebrity child is still not known. Sarai, unlike many other celebrity children, does not enjoy information about her known to the media. The teenage child has been under the radar of all social media and paparazzi but she has maintained a good private life till yet.

Nationality and Ethnicity


Since Sarai was born in the United States of America, she is an American Nationality holder. There is not much proper information about which city she was born in but our sources are working to find authentic information about her birthplace. Sarai Burgos comes from a family of mixed ethnicity. Though she is born into a wealthy and successful Christian family, the child follows the religion of Christianity.

Height and Weight

Well, we all know that she is a celebrity at the age of 16 years. Sarai, given her young age, has a beautiful height of 5 feet and 6 inches, which is quite rare for kids of her age. Furthermore, this beautiful girl is said to have a weight of 58 kgs, which is a healthy weight for her tall height.


Sarai is a beautiful and alluring daughter of Bernice Burgos. She has quite a lot of resemblance to her gorgeous mother. This young teen has mesmerizing black colored eyes with long black hair which are neatly braided giving her a gorgeous look. On the rare occasions, she has been seen on the social media news, Sarai was always dressed classy and like the rich young teens.


Sarai is a teen high schooler, in which high school she is studying is not known to the media. We also do not know much about which subjects she is pursuing in her educational career. But this young girl wants to be as successful as her mother and follow in her prosperous footsteps. Other than this, she likes reading, and among books, she enjoys reading storybooks.

Social Media Accounts


Sarai is a teenager so it is not easy for her to manage any of her social media accounts. Yes, there are managers for celebrity kids but Sarai still prefers not to be on any social media platforms. She does not have any official Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok account. Also given how social media is full of extreme fans, trolls, and hateful comments, it is not easy to deal with them. Since Sarai still has a young mind it is also suitable to not be part of social media.

Unlike Sarai, her mother and elder sister are quite famous on social media. Both her mother and her sister have social media accounts with a huge fan following. Sarai on the other hand enjoys her life low-key from all the media attention. As she is not too much into social media concentration, she is able to preserve her personal life from us all.

Sarai Burgos Family

As I mentioned above, Sarai is a prominent child of well-known model Bernice Burgos. But if we go back to her mother, Sarai’s mom Bernice does not come from an easy past. Her mom was thrown out of the house by her grandmother. Bernice stayed with her boyfriend and was pregnant with Sarai’s elder sister Ashley Burgos. Her mom led a hard life before becoming the queen of her own empire.

Before becoming a well-paid model and an entrepreneur, Bernice worked as a bartender and waitress. Her mother’s modeling career started in 2012 when she was featured in Rick Ross’s music video, Diced Pineapples. Her mother worked hard as a teen mom till she rose to the top.

Sarai is 10 years older than her sister Ashley Burgos. There is not much known about her father. The sources say that he was quite harshly dominant over them but nothing is known in depth. Sarai is seen to be living with her mother and sister, so it can be said that her mother has custody rights over her parenting. Regardless of every effort, painful struggle, and age gap the three share a beautifully strong bond they are living happily.

Sarai’s Love Life

Sarai is still a minor who avoids social media attention and keeps her personal life very private. We can not say much about her love life whether she has a boyfriend or not. She is a lot more immersed in her studies and enjoying a life filled with love with her family. She is a smart kid and does not seem to be making quick connections very soon.

Net Worth

Sarai is still a minor who does not feature in any social media shows or on any social media platform. Most of her financial support comes from her mother, who loves to give her children a grand life. Sarai, for now, is a child, focused on her studies, and is living her life comfortably thanks to her mother.



Is Sarai Burgos in a relationship?

No, Sarai Burgos is believed to be single to this date. The young child keeps her life private and nothing more is known.

What is the relationship between Sarai Burgos and Bernice Burgos?

Sarai is the second child of Bernice Burgos and the daughter of the famous model and entrepreneur.

What is the estimated net worth of Sarai Burgos?

Sarai is still a minor aged 16 years and is focused on her studies. Her mother, Bernice Burgos, provides for her comfortable life till she is grown enough to start her own career


Going through the life of this young teen Sarai Burgos, we can say that surely many mysteries revolve around the life of this child. Sarai is a low-key child who keeps away from all the social media attention. We are still looking into further information about this child as she does not have any designated Wikipedia page under her name, till then enjoy the article to quench the thirst of your curiosity.