4 Types of Business Permits You Can Apply For

In the Philippines, there are many permits required to run a business. Businesses of all sizes need to apply for permits in order to get certified. Fortunately, some of these documents are easy to apply, and you can get one anytime. The catch here is you must set a schedule to obtain these papers. Permits ensure that your business is run legally so you don’t run into any trouble with the law.

Depending on the type of business, you prioritize the ones you need the most. Once you know the steps, it becomes easier to apply for other permits. Remember that it is your responsibility as owners to hold these papers.

Here are four types of business permits that you can obtain.

4 Business Permits That You Can Apply

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This list of business permits in the Philippines is one of the most common. You secure these papers as part of your entrepreneurial journey. Some of these have different requirements, and it is important to review the needed papers before application. The more permits you have, the more legitimate your business is.

The business permits that you can apply include the following.

DTI or SEC Registration Certificate

The DTI Registration Certificate is for MSMEs or Sole Proprietorships. If you are a new business owner, you go for this document. Once you have this, you can start going for secondary permits like sanitary and fire safety permits.

On the other hand, the SEC Registration Certificate is for corporations or conglomerates. The difference with this certificate is that you must have a board of directors and trusted people to run the company.

Mayor’s Permit

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The Mayor’s Permit is the document that certifies your business within a city or town. The requirements vary from city to city, so you must review them. Furthermore, this permit has a processing fee, and you pay the city’s taxes. Once you get your permit, you can display it in your business. This document also has an annual renewal, so you must transact with the government each time.

Building or Occupancy Permit

This permit is important for owners who own the land or rent a place. You can get a building permit through the city hall and follow the requirements. Sometimes, the developer will be the one who holds the permit since they own the building or space. If you plan to do a rental space business, you must get this document.

Barangay Clearance

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The barangay clearance is a permit for small businesses like sari-sari stores. It goes side-by-side with a DTI permit so your business can run legally. Fortunately, you can get a barangay clearance at no cost. Go to your local barangay hall and submit the requirements. For more information, ask the employees for your concerns.

Wrapping Up

Business permits come in many different types for specific purposes. You can apply for one as a sole proprietorship or corporation, depending on the type of business you run. Review the requirements so you will know what to apply for. After claiming, renew them once the validity expires. Ultimately, these papers are proof that your business is real.