Visiting Italy by RV

Embarking on an RV journey through Italy allows you to immerse yourself in the country’s diverse culture and breathtaking scenery while enjoying the freedom to travel at your own pace. From the picturesque countryside of Tuscany to the iconic cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice, this travel adventure promises a blend of exploration, relaxation, and culinary delights.

When it comes to travel bucket lists, Italy sits at the top of a lot of them. Since Italy is such an iconic, once-in-a-lifetime destination, you might consider caravan hire so that you can travel from one location to the next and not restrict yourself to one region. That said, when traveling by RV, you need to ensure that there are places in which you can park and stay the night. To that end, detailed below are a handful of some of the best Italian locations to experience via RV. Keeping these in mind will mean that you’ll be able to have as much of a hassle-free trip as possible, so read on to discover more.



First up is the Amalfi coast, which is one of the most popular tourist populations that Italy has to offer. It’s no wonder why when considering that it’s undoubtedly one of Europe’s most stunning coastlines. Turquoise waters filled with sweet fishing boats, steep rock faces covered in flowers, fragrant lemon groves, and stunning little towns are just some of the features offered by the Amalfi coast. Unfortunately, when it comes to driving through the region, you’ll likely find that the roads are busy and not amazingly constructed. Despite this, it’s worth the headache for the beauty it promises.


Abruzzo is a little off the beaten track, meaning it’s a somewhat different location to what tourists typically choose when visiting Italy. Although the region is technically southern, it lies just east of Rome, meaning it boasts both the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Coastline. The area is abundant in hilltop towns, nature reserves, and national parks, which is why it’s so ideal for nature lovers. L’Aquila is the capital of the region, and the Trabocchi coast is an absolute must-visit. This isn’t to mention the Abruzzo wine that you absolutely have to try (of course, not when you have a drive ahead of you).



Rome – the country’s capital and perhaps the most popular tourist destination that Italy has to offer. This is the city in which you’ll be doing all of the sightseeing, which is what will make an RV so valuable in this space. When exploring Rome, you might want to comprise a little checklist to ensure you’re not missing out on any of the major sights; after all, there are a lot of them to get through. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Roman Forum, and Piazza Navona are just some of the sights that you need to check off.


Renaissance towns, incredible wineries, and rugged, hilly countryside brims are just some of the aspects to be discovered in the treasure trove that is Tuscany. As a result of its scenic roads, Tuscany is one of the best Italian regions for exploring via RV. For instance, the famous SR222 ‘Chiantigiana road’ winds south from Florence to Siena, making for an equally stunning and convenient road trip. When in Tuscany, you need to pay Florence a visit, as this is the city for artists and lovers alike. In fact, this is the city in which the most universally recognized works of art are situated.

Lake Garda


Italy’s biggest lake, Lake Garda, is perhaps one of the most important tourist destinations that need to be seen. It’s 50km long and provides the ideal place for cooling down, thanks to its clear freshwater. Meanwhile, Lake Garda is surrounded by idyllic towns, flowers, palm trees, olive trees, cedars, and cypresses, making it a stunning location to be explored by RV. This is a gorgeous part of Italy that absolutely can’t be missed.